Verdicts and Settlements


Part of a team of three lawyers representing multiple plaintiffs in a historic settlement in an EEOC/racial discrimination case regarding incidents that occurred overseas.


Settlement in case where a defective tire blew on vehicle and vehicle roof crushed in on client because of a defective weld causing multiple injuries.


Settlement when tire came off of a moving transfer truck and struck client in the chest, killing him.


Settlement in a Workers' Compensation/Third-Party Construction Defect case where client fell down steps at work. Steps had a defective railing, irregular rise and run, and a stairwell where water was leaking onto the walking areas.


Settlement in an automobile versus tractor trailer collision case where the tractor trailer ran a stop sign and t-boned our client's vehicle, flipping the vehicle landing on its roof. Plaintiff had a pre-existing back injury and the case was turned down by two other attorneys.


Coker v. Phillips and Michalec (Orangeburg County) — verdict in case involving improper highway design and maintenance and excess speed (under the conditions) of the defendant causing the impact with the client which lead to the vehicle hydroplaning, causing her to lose control of her vehicle. ($5,000 offer prior to trial)


Bennett, et al. v. Woodson, et al. (Sumter County) — Judgment in fraud case. (No offer prior to trial)


The Estate of Robert Ronick v. United States — The settlement in medical malpractice. Death that occurred in Yokosuka, Japan.


Settlement in an automobile wreck where a car was struck on driver's side when the other driver ran a red light.


Johnson, Beaulieu, and Taylor v. Carolina Agency Administration Services, (South Carolina Federal District Court) — Verdict for sexual harassment.


Langston v. Simpson, et al. (Dorchester County) — Judgment for student who was beaten up while walking home from school, sustaining head injury.


Settlement for client that fell through bench seating in a restaurant that was missing a cover that had been removed for recovering.


McAlhany v. S.W. Day Construction Corp. (SC District Court) — Judgment in premises liability case where client sustained injury when she fell into a trench that was not properly marked or barricaded on a construction site.


Permanent and total disability award for client that sustained a back injury on a construction site.


Settlement in case where handicapped, wheelchair bound student was raped by another student even though the school district was on notice of the student's proclivities. (State entity cap.)


Settlement in case where a boat owner grounded a boat and the client was asked to jump in the water to free the boat and fractured his neck when he dove in.


Snyder v. Knight (Charleston County) — Verdict for bicyclist run over by automobile, suffered a broken back.


Settlement in single vehicle wreck where driver ran off of the road.


Permanent and total disability award for client that was stuck in the head by a steel beam.


Settlement for client who sustained head injury in rollover wreck caused by unsafe condition on roadway while under construction. (Previous attorney closed case thinking there was no liability)


Hill v. SCDOT (Charleston County) — Verdict for injuries resulting from improper highway maintenance, allowing low shoulder of roadway to occur, causing client to lose control of vehicle. (No offer prior to trial)


Settlement in race discrimination case at a nursing home.


Settlement in Qui Tam case where nurses reported fraudulent Medicare billing and were terminated. (Qui Tam is a private suit on behalf of the government.)


Settlement for client who was injured when a defective trash compactor door latch failed, causing the client to be hit with the door, knocking her off of the compactor platform.


Settlement for client that sustained a fall after being struck by a defective roof hatch on a building and fell 30 feet onto concrete flooring.


Workers' compensation award for maintenance man injured while repairing a water leak that caused blood infection and death.


Settlement in road drop-off case causing death to baby.


Settlement for breach of contract for group of employees promised severance pay when company shut down. Company failed to pay as promised. (Former attorney closed case.)


Settlement in medical negligence case when physician failed to perform c-section. (Charitable cap.)


Settlement in product liability case where client sustained injury in hospital when the carbon plastic medical imaging table he was on collapsed.


Settlement in chemical exposure case from painting in adjacent commercial space.


Settlement in a product liability case where a step collapsed and caused client's back injury.


Medical negligence case where a physician failed to diagnose a tuberculosis tumor on the spine, causing partial paralysis. (charitable cap)


Settlement following hung jury in medical negligence case where physician improperly performed hip replacement.


Settlement in workers' compensation case where client was involved in an automobile collision.


Workers' compensation total and permanent disability award for a client who sustained a permanent back injury.


Settlement in an automobile versus tractor trailer case.


Settlement in product liability case where client sustained partial thumb amputation injury for lack of guarding mechanism on tobacco conveyor machine.


Settlement in skiing accident in West Virginia.


Settlement in automobile/motorcycle wreck case.


Settlement in head-on collision automobile wreck.


Settlement in a case where VP of Operations for North America of a major corporation urinated on a salesman at company outing.


Settlement in workers' compensation case involving lift collapse.


Settlement in automobile wreck case.


Settlement in 18-wheeler collision with client's vehicle in North Carolina.


Workers' compensation award for injured worker who sustained back injury that rendered him permanently and totally disabled.


Settlement for client whose boss put urine on him.


Settlement from damages to building from crane being improperly secured during storm and damaging adjacent building.


Settlement for truck driver who fell off improperly designed weigh scales at Port facility.


Ric Wilburn v. Linde Lift: Federal U.S. District Court verdict in employment case where under the Family Medical Leave Act, attorney fees and front pay issue were ordered to be mediated, resulting in $380,000 overall settlement.


Settlement for client injured in an automobile wreck.


Settlement in product liability case where chart rack was improperly designed and client was injured when medical chart rack fell on her.


Settlement for client injured in an automobile wreck.


Settlement in product liability negligence case in failing to crimp wand attachment on pressure washer, 1500 psi, hit client in eye and knocked off ladder.


Settlement for workers' compensation permanent and total disability.


Settlement in product liability case where client sustained injury when a crane snapped, dropping an air conditioning unit through the roof where client was employed.


Settlement in automobile collision; client struck in rear.


Settlement for minor passenger injured in a motor vehicle collision.


Settlement in medical negligence case for physician who performed examination negligently, causing post-surgery injury to client's eye.


Settlement (for policy limits) in diving injury of minor off of improperly marked dock.


Settlement for minor child struck by vehicle while walking to work.


Settlement in product liability case for chemical exposure at school, where student clients were exposed to harmful chemical mixture by cleaning crew.


Settlement for client injured when a tree feel off of a timber truck, striking her vehicle and causing neck and back injuries.


Verdict in Texas mediation in a trucking collision when the defendant corporation was bankrupt.


Settlement for client hit by a car while riding his bicycle, causing compound leg fractures.


Settlement for man who suffered flash burn injury to his arms as a result of an electrical panel insulation failure in an industrial setting.


Govan v. Castillo — Judgment in car wreck case.

Multiple settlements in medical negligence cases involving improper IV placement causing injuries.


Settlement in a premises liability case where the Plaintiff fell down the stairs at her own condo and reached to grab a handrail that did not conform to code and the stairs were old and did not meet required building codes.

Confidential Settlement

Motorcycle collision between two motorcycles resulting in brain injury and subsequent death.

Confidential Settlement

For a child bit on the face by a dog.

Confidential Settlement

Physician failed to come to the hospital to perform a c-section, resulting in the stillbirth of the child.

Confidential Settlement

Case where the hospital/surgeon left a sponge in the patient following abdominal surgery.

Settlements and verdicts in all cases depend on various factors and circumstances, which are unique to each case. Therefore, past results in cases are not a guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases or in your case which the Wigger Law Firm and its lawyers may undertake.